Wild Garlic is now all around us…..


We love this time of the year! Wild Garlic, Ramsons, Bear Grass, Stink Bombs, Stinking Nanny or whatever you would like to call it is growing in abundance. We can’t help falling over the stuff. The nasal sensation of finding a large patch of Wild Garlic is intense and one gets lost in a very happy moment.  For us it’s the beginning of a new season. The last few months have been very sparce for our wild plants with us just coming to the last of the rosehip syrup we made back in October and November! Spring is upon us with a plethora of new plants we can use in our cooking. Cleaver sprouts are starting, Wood Sorrel can be found hidden away and freshly opened Dandelion can be found when the sun is out.

Wild Garlic is probably one of the most well-known and trendiest of foraged foods, appearing on restaurant menus across the country but this is for good reason. The smell is pungent of the more commonly used garlic but the taste is somehow more subtle and delightful. It can be used in be used to replace the usual household garlic, as the key ingredient to a pesto (as we do), in mash, on pizzas’, mixed with Mayo or even like spinach in any dishes. The younger leaves hold more flavour, but as it grows it can be used as a veg or in soups. The flower is also delectable and can be deep fried or used to brighten up and make your salads taste much better. The root shouldn’t really be dug up but if you’re lucky enough to have some growing at the end of your garden then these are also fair game.

Like many foraged British plants Wild Garlic also holds some medicinal benefit. A favourite in Europe since Greek times it has antioxidant properties that helps boost the immune system making Wild Garlic Soup a classic cure for Cold. It also helps in aid of digestion. The reason it’s called Bear’s Grass (Ursinum means Bear in Latin) is that bears used to eat it after hibernation to kick start their interior engines. It also has the added benefit that it can be tolerated by those who have problems with onions or garlic. They are a gentle tonic for the body, clean the blood, improve circulation, help protect and even can help skin problems.

We sell our own Wild Garlic Paste and Wild Garlic Pesto on the market stall and they’re versatility is quite unique. In outside catering it’s a key ingredient. From simple soup for starters to stuffing’s, marinades, salads, sauces and greens to compliment fish, game, other meats and our vegetarian dishes. Get in contact to find out more with any of the details on the ‘Contact Us’ page.