Manchester Meat Club!

In March we were lucky enough to join Manchester Meat Club at the North Star Deli in Chorlton!

It gave us an oppurtunity to talk about two of our favourite meats Rabbit and the much under valued Hare. Even better we got everyone stuck in so they could truly understand the two beasts.

The full story can be seen on their website link above. meatclub3

potted meats pic

Potted Meats are a Great British Institution….

potted meats pic

Potted Meats are a Great British Institution, long forgotten and discarded by many but we hope to inject some new life into them with our take on the product! Most people know of the Potted Beef we get in the supermarket which is smooth in texture, grey in colour and full of god knows what. Google pictures of ‘potted meats’ and it’s like a horror movie in the culinary world! It wasn’t always like that though. If we owe Curing and Salting to the medieval practice of culling stock before winter, then we owe potting to the early British sailing ships. It was a way of preserving essential protein for sailors. However it soon began to develop from its original role and began to appear in much more gourmet cooking. Recipes developed and soon it was found that these Potted Meats could be used by those travelling the country, on picnics, hunts or just as a handy pantry addition for a midweek meal. Continue Reading